Bliss Book FAQ

Q1. I have so many planners? How is this one different?
A1. My Bliss Book comes with a full year of coaching sent to your inbox every other week to guarantee you stay motivated and on track to crush you big picture goals.

Q2. I often start a planner and then forget to complete it. I’m concerned it might be a waste.
A2. My Bliss Book is evergreen so you fill in the dates. The bi-weekly emails and social accountability program that come with the book should keep you from putting it down halfway through the year, but even if you do, you can always pick it up and start back up again at the current date.

Q3. I haven’t seen the My Bliss Book in person. How can I tell if I’m going to like it?
A3. I get it! Ordering online is still a risk sometimes. We’ve worked hard to give you a great gallery of photos here so you can explore both the outside and inside of My Bliss Book.
My Bliss Book is a gorgeous A5 sized planner with a soft beige cover, gold hot stamped logo, and cream paper with gold edges. It fits easily in most ladies’ purses.

Q4. I don’t always like long-term planning. What happens if I change my mind about my goals or my life changes, or I don’t like my original choice?
A4. You must learn to embrace long-term planning or else old habits and other people’s choices will direct your actions even if you’re not conscious of it and you will be living someone else’s life. You are never locked into your choices. I encourage you to be constantly evaluating to see if the choices you are making are the best ones for you, but you have to choose something to know! If you try to do everything, you’ll end up doing nothing. Make a bold choice and change your mind later. It’s never too late start again and the next time you’ll know more about yourself from the choices that didn’t work out!

Q5. $40 seems like a lot for a planner. I’m just not sure.
A5. $40 is the price of a high-end planner, but My Bliss Book is so much more. The truth is we could have priced it as an online coaching program and charged 10 times that, but we chose to price it as a planner with bonuses! We hope you’ll use the whole online program which you will have lifetime access to, but even if you don’t you will still get full value out of My Bliss Book using it just as a planner.

Q6. I’m so busy, I’m just not sure I’ll get it done.
A6. Don’t worry, I know you are crazy busy. Our lives are so packed these days and that’s why I created My Bliss Book, to help you get more freedom and control over your time. It’s here to help you, not make you more stressed! You can use it at your pace and you’ll have lifetime access to all the trainings. I’m of the motto, progress, not perfection.

Q7. Why not do just a digital project? Why a physical planner? Isn’t that so 1999?
A7. Ha! Yes! Maybe it is! Some of those good old 90’s habits worked, and one of those was writing things down, pen to paper. There is no replacement for your own writing for bumping up your chances at getting things done!

Q8: When you order My Bliss Book you receive a secret access code to a year’s worth of online coaching for FREE. Because of this, we can not accept any refunds. We believe My Bliss Book offers value for anyone looking to get more focused, reduce stress, make a change. We hope each and everyone can take something positive away from it.

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