Life Balance & Career Coaching

Isn’t it time for a change?

Life Balance & Career Coaching

Isn’t it time for a change?

Soaring in spirituality.

Grounded in service.

An expert in dream fulfillment.

Soaring in spirituality. Grounded in service. An expert in dream fulfillment. My journey started in 1998 when I began a yoga practice which has taken me all over the world promoting healing, stress reduction, peace, and prosperity. I have seen and served all from busy entrepreneurs and freelancers, to fresh out of college millennials, men and women at turning points in their career and family lives. During my 20+ years of bringing ancient authentic yoga tradition to modern times, service and self-care have become my mantra and developed into a way of life I share with others.

As a manifestation coach, I work with individuals and organizations where they are. Through awakening consciousness, using self-care, and remembering to be rooted in service I help you to de-stress, think more clearly and stay on target for all your goals.

My technique of creative visualization combined with backward planning can benefit anyone looking to discover and make manifest their Big Bliss Picture (BBP), an image which comes from our deepest most authentic selves. Together we will identify who you are destined to be removed from all familial and societal pressures. Working backward from that picture, we flesh out the steps it will take to take get there, getting more specific the closer we get to real time. Then we get to work.

I’ve used this approach with organizations like Children’s Aid Society, Law Offices, Real Estate Companies, and with every type of individual working through various stages of personal and professional development. Now with My Bliss Book, you can discover your BBP too and work with me from anywhere in the world to stay on track to making your dreams come true and the world a better place!

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