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Find your purpose. Stay in purpose. Learn how to use backward planning and razor-sharp visualization to bring bliss and bounty. .Lara speaks for corporations, schools, and conferences on goal setting, time management, self-care, and freeing up space to live a life steeped in purpose.

Lara captivates audiences worldwide with her engaging and accessible stage presence which she gained from her background in acting and theatre studies. Her unique ability to speak the language of her listeners is key and allows her to enter their subconscious where all lasting change occurs. Previous speaking engagements include Jeffrey Bowman’s REFRAM: The Brand, Earth Day Harlem: Environmental Justice, Cosmos and Conversation: Women at the Top of their Game, and Women’s Empowerment Luncheon.

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I think your self-development journey is totally inspirational and you are like my new mystical yoga teacher

Charlotte L

I wanted to just say thank you for what you do and for how you are making a difference in the world. You are truly and inspiration and i would love to meet with you one day to just hear more about your story.

Laura C

Thanks you so much for visiting us! Your zeal and passion to bring this discipline to our young folks is evident in your speech and instruction.

Kareem B

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