Thank you so much for that awesome experience yesterday. I am new to meditating on my own (I do short meditation in my yoga class) and I have been working on learning how to manifest. There were so many take aways from your workshop. I look forward to this journey of meditation and manifestation and improving my quality of life. It was really amazing to meet you. Thank you so much. Claire P

Thanks for being such an inspiring “freegiver” and bringing such a wonderful group of women (and honorary women) together yesterday. My only regret is that my teenage daughter wasn’t there to absorb all that energy, passion and possibility. Perhaps next time 🙂 Elise C

I’ve had the opportunity to attend two workshops presented by Lara. One was in an intimate setting with our small direct service team, and focused on teaching ways that yoga can be a valuable resource in helping our clients to heal from trauma. The second was in a large leadership conference in which, in addition to providing training on the benefits of yoga, she led a diverse group of managers of all ages, body types, and experience levels in an accessible chair yoga flow that could be adapted as a self care or clinical tool. In both presentations, Lara not only brought warmth, positive energy, and a high level of expertise, but she was also able to tailor her language and approach to the audience so that it really resonated with everyone. Sara B

I really enjoyed the workshop and your wonderful energy. It was very useful. I learnt that besides a big vision you also have to have a long and short term plan towards the vision. I knew it before, but somehow I forgot it. So, thank you for reminding me about. I found the paper with all the affirmations to be truly amazing! Amazing! I pinned it on my wall and read it every day. So, big thanks for it! And as I said before thank you very very very much for your wonderful, kind and loving energy 🙂

P.s. The workshop inspired me to finally start doing what I wanted to do for so long and not to be afraid and be absolutely positive that everything works out just as I need or even better! Irina Z

I think your self-development journey is totally inspirational and you are like my new mystical yoga teacher Charlotte L

I wanted to just say thank you for what you do and for how you are making a difference in the world. You are truly and inspiration and i would love to meet with you one day to just hear more about your story. Laura C

Thanks you so much for visiting us! Your zeal and passion to bring this discipline to our young folks is evident in your speech and instruction. Kareem B

Hi Lara, I wanted to share with you my experience of our 2012 new year’s eve meditation or rather, the fact that I have repeated it since because its such an awesome way for me to clear my mind and spirit of toxic thoughts and emotions. Sitting in stillness in the candlelit room with you and the other practitioners that night was an extremely grounding experience for me. At first, I thought it was the time of year but soon discovered that it was more than that. The exercise of writing down the things/thoughts/emotions we wanted out of your life and then burning them was the perfect act of purification to complement the stillness, the oneness created by this practice. To be honest, there are few times that I have been as still as I had been in the practice that followed the purification, but it is truly amazing to discover the stillness when I do. I have since repeated this process when I have been tremendously stressed or embittered by things and the impact has been the same – I come away refreshed and clear and joyful and grounded in myself all over again. I intend to do it again in preparation for the “Train Your Brain” workshop and to discover what this exercise can create when there is no known upheaval in my life. Thank you for introducing me to this wonderful and enriching practice. Natalee S

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