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My Bliss Book is an evergreen daily planner + online coaching system which uses backward planning and creative visualization to help you realize and achieve your Big Bliss Picture and all your goals along the way. The planner comes with an automated coaching program sent bi-weekly by email with meditations, tips, and personal challenges to help you stay on track all year long. Make sure to register at the link provided inside the book to receive the coaching content.

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Are you one of those people who starts a million things? Do you LOVE planners but don’t always see them through? Are you going through a life change, trying to break out of a habit or looking to get more focused on the things that really matter to you? Then My Bliss Book is for you!

Part life-coach, part planner, My Bliss Book is the perfect answer for staying on track and CRUSHING your goals. Together, we will discover your Big Bliss Picture and work day by day to make small steps in that direction, until you are living the life of your dreams!

My Bliss Book is an evergreen daily planner + online coaching system which uses backward planning and creative visualization to help you realize and achieve your Big Bliss Picture and all your goals along the way. The planner comes with a link to join an email list which sends bi-weekly emails with meditations, tips, and personal challenges to help you stay on track all year long.

Your first email comes with a downloadable Big Bliss Picture meditation. Once you know your true bliss state and all that it encompasses, you will work backward from there to your next most important step and everything in between.

Most people’s ultimate bliss is about 10 years away so don’t worry if you’re thinking you’re going to need more than one planner! The planner will focus on your first-year goals, making sure they are always in line with your personal Big Bliss Picture.



When you order My Bliss Book you receive a secret access code to a year’s worth of online coaching for FREE. Because of this, we can not accept any refunds. We believe My Bliss Book offers value for anyone looking to get more focused, reduce stress, make a change. We hope each and everyone can take something positive away from it.


If your My Bliss Book arrives damaged, please send a photo of damage to within 48 of receipt. Someone will contact you about a replacement.


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Lara Land is a Level 2 Authorized Ashtanga Yoga teacher with 20 years yoga experience. She runs retreats, trainings, and workshops all over the world teaching yoga and mindful living and developing specialized programs to heal and empower. Lara also serves as a public speaker, spiritual coach, and writer with recent contributions to the Huffington Post, Mantra Magazine, and New York Yoga + Life Magazine.

6 reviews for BLISS BOOK

  1. jimmycrow

    Love my Bliss Book! I know this will change my life.

  2. Jenny Bae Glenn (verified owner)

    At first, I was unsure if I should purchase My Bliss Book because I have never been great at journaling or taking time to write down my goals and hold myself to them. I was trying to decide if it was necessary because I always set goals for myself and have been good about achieving them without putting pen to paper.

    After becoming pregnant, I was feeling that the goals I have been setting for myself may not align as well with the decision/goals I will need to set once my daughter arrives. I decided to purchase My Bliss Book to align my current goals with my new goals as a mother and do so with intention.

    My Bliss Book is high quality and beautifully designed. I love the look and feel of the book and the content inside is well organized and easy to navigate.

    I am still in the very beginning stages, however, I am always thinking about my goals for each day and making sure I can revisit My Bliss Book in the evening with a positive report.

    So far, I have enjoyed setting weekly goals best. It can be hard to gauge what I can get done each day as my job’s workload is very dependent on external parties and changes everyday. Weekly goal’s help me create an overall mindset knowing I can move things around to fit my daily schedule.

    My Bliss Book is helping me take the time to organize my life both personally and professionally in a way I never knew I needed to.

  3. Patricia

    I came across My Bliss Book while at soul fest NYC with my cousin and her friend this yr. I had no idea what it was but I was attracted to just the goldenness of it because it appeared so clean and “royal” like. So I walked over, picked it up and even the feel of it was great. It reminded me of a bible in some way. Then the guy standing there started to explain that it was in fact a planner that helps me to visualize, create and plan the life that I want backwards and that it came with monthly meditations. I was instantly in love with it and was absolutely, positively sure that this was the planner I have been searching for. I can’t tell you how many planners I bought, started using and stopped half way through because I got demotivated constantly trying to set goals as I go. With My Bliss Book, I have my 10yr, 5yr, 1yr and monthly goals that create a clear direction that I am always in alignment with and so planning my week becomes effortless. The anxiety I had before when I would plan my week worrying if what i’m doing is in line with where I want to be, because the picture wasn’t clear enough, or feeling guilty if I took self care time. That anxiety is gone and it’s just been a week!! The best and most important part of this process is that, I have completely surrendered to the universes’s brilliance! Because my ultimate bliss state is so clear to me, I can see even more clearly how the people, jobs, finances, place I live or travel, spirituality, creativity and health fit and how they don’t fit in my plans. So now I spend less time doing the things that aren’t in alignment which leaves so much room for the things that are. Within that, there has been so much magic the universe has manifested that my mind is blown! Everything I planned has happened and sooooo much more in ways I didn’t even think of! Much like how I found this book. Some call it serendipity, I call it divinity! If you truly want to live a blissful life, go get this book! You will be amazed! Thank you Lara for this gift! 🙂


    Over the moon customer

  4. Sara Swisher-Anderson (verified owner)

    As soon as I saw your videos describing the book, the process, and the ultimate goals, I knew I’d love it. I recently worked on vision boards with my daughters and had very fresh and real goals for myself. The timing of the Bliss Book couldn’t have been any better for me.

    I am a super sensory person so the way something looks, feels, etc means a lot to me. I’m obsessed with the softness of the cover, the gold, and the specificity of the directions.

    INTENTIONALITY. I literally look forward to my daily train ride in order to intentionally plan the most important parts of my day in this way.

    It was so smart to make it evergreen so that you’re not stuck with specific dates and how it can be de-motivating if you miss a week. This has always tripped me up in using planners.

    I have already purchased two more for upcoming birthday gifts for friends that I know will be touched and motivated by it. For anyone looking for something they can’t quite find, struggling to understand their path, etc I think it’s just brilliant!

    WELL DONE. It’s beautiful, inside and out. It’s also strategic, thoughtful and as I said before, intentional.

  5. Charron

    After completing my first week of goals for my future Bliss, I have realized that this planner along with taking action has lit a fire in my belly. I’ve never considered that a planner would work for me. Diving deep into what I really want to work towards has held me accountable for my actions & is helping me to see the bigger picture much more clearly.

  6. Sarah Tomlinson @sarahyantra

    “The “My Bliss Book” is gorgeous. Thank-you for designing this ‘more than your ordinary planner’ book for me to cultivate “My Bliss” Lara! This is a must for anyone who wants to take the time to reflect, see and take responsibility for their own patterns and develop a positive pro-active approach to life. Plus it is gold AND the edge of each page sparkles. Fabulous!”

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