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Hi, I’m

Lara Land

Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher Trainer, Speaker,
Author, Embodiment Life Coach

I’ve been training in trauma sensitive yoga, bodywork and breathwork, meditation, and mindfulness since 1998 with a focus on and passion for healing trauma. My work has led me around the world and back home again, deeper and deeper inward to the small, subtle shifts that bring the most powerful, transformative results. I share these with my clients, who are yoga teachers, practitioners, and traumatic stress survivors through my life-coaching, trainings, and books.

Doing somatic work with Lara has been eye-opening and grounding. Exploring physical sensations in my body has allowed for a unique mind-body connection I’ve not experienced before. I’ve been continually surprised by what has been unearthed during our sessions. As a guide, Lara is intuitive, warm, insightful, and specific. She creates a trusting and safe environment for self-exploration.

Daniel Zaitchik

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I smile immediately when I think about Lara! I think she will continue to have this effect on me throughout my life. She is just a bright light that brings a sense of peace to My mind when I think back at our coaching sessions. I hope to see her soon so I can hug her to show her my gratitude for all she has done for me.
Lara – thank you!!

– Naomi

I really enjoyed the workshop and your wonderful energy. It was very useful. I learnt that besides a big vision you also have to have a long and short term plan towards the vision. I knew it before, but somehow I forgot it. So, thank you for reminding me about. I found the paper with all the affirmations to be truly amazing! Amazing! I pinned it on my wall and read it every day. So, big thanks for it! And as I said before thank you very very very much for your wonderful, kind and loving energy 🙂

P.s. The workshop inspired me to finally start doing what I wanted to do for so long and not to be afraid and be absolutely positive that everything works out just as I need or even better!

-Irina Z

Thank you so much for that awesome experience yesterday. I am new to meditating on my own (I do short meditation in my yoga class) and I have been working on learning how to manifest. There were so many take aways from your workshop. I look forward to this journey of meditation and manifestation and improving my quality of life. It was really amazing to meet you. Thank you so much.

-Claire P

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