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My Story

I believe our bodies tell the stories of our lives and hold teachings of our ancestors all the way back.

As we awaken to the body’s sensations, it shares its wisdom and reveals the path to personal and collective health and transformation.

For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to be a source of healing in this world.

I use the practices of Ashtanga, Restorative, and Trauma Sensitive Yoga, Yoga Philosophy, Embodied Coaching, Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness and Somatic Attachment Therapy in my offerings and in my own process releasing trauma and building capacity to be with life’s complexities.

Central to that healing work is delving into our personal history of trauma and to see how we repeat patterns which perpetuate harm. Only when we see and heal this can we then begin to dismantle it starting with self and working outward from there to realign our families and communities around values of equity and non harm.


About Lara

Lara Land is a deeply compassionate coach, consultant and yoga teacher trainer specializing in trauma sensitivity. Her work is in helping to heal trauma both subtle and significant and train others to do the same using yoga, meditation, mindfulness and breathing practices. Lara has spent the last 25 years studying and sharing yoga asana, chanting, meditation, and philosophy directly from her teachers in India. Her commitment is to honor the traditions of yoga by responding to the needs of each individual, using a unique combination of practices and techniques that are appropriate for their personal growth. Some of her many certifications include: trauma informed mindfulness, life coaching, therapeutic fasting, and mindfulness in nature.
Lara has been featured in and contributed to New York Magazine, Huffington Post, Yoga Journal, Apartment Therapy and on Fox5, CBS, NY1 and SiriusRadioXM.

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I had tried coaching models before that were expensive, ineffectual, and ended up being rather lecture-y and blame-y. Because of this I was very hesitant to enter another coaching dynamic, but I knew that Lara and I had aligning values and knew I could trust her to hold my truth and help me make meaningful evolution happen. She uses specific, action-oriented planning, is always realistic, validating and empathetic. She is also generous to commiserate and share things that have been a challenge for her as well, validating my experience, and then helping to form a system of organization to overcome that challenge. I cannot recommend Lara’s coaching program enough.

Yiselle B

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