What’s Your Big Bliss Picture

Your BBP is the life you dream when you close your eyes and no one is watching. It will be years away, but you know if you could stay true to yourself and your divine purpose you could get there. Big Bliss Picture ALWAYS involves contributing to something greater than ourselves and holding support and care for ourselves as we do it. It’s our unique success story and can be determined only by going deep inside.

Take this QUIZ to discover your BBP!

  • Pull out a piece of paper.

  • Write fast as you can.

  • Do not edit!

What do you love to do most in the world?

  1. What if you could do it all day long would you never tire of?
  2. When are you most in your element?
  3. What is one time you lost yourself in the moment?
  4. What is one special skill you have?
  5. What’s your landscape? Where are you most at home?
  6. Who are your people?
  7. What activities make you feel like you are growing?
  8. When are you most in service?
  9. When you dream, where do you see yourself? (No matter how crazy!)
  10. If time and money were no object where would you be? What would you be doing? Who would be with you?
  11. Doing what makes you feel truly healthy?
  12. Doing what gives you more energy than it takes?
  13. By the time you’re _______ what’s one thing, you want to have done?

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