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An essential manual for yoga teachers and students to create a trauma-sensitive practice that benefits and supports all—and alienates no one.

People are turning to yoga for its stress-reducing practice and transformative philosophy. But for those who have a trauma history, the practice can be triggering. The Essential Guide to Trauma Sensitive Yoga offers an inclusive approach to yoga for teachers and students of all ages and abilities, especially those who have experienced trauma.

Some of the themes covered include:

  • How do the impacts of trauma show up in yoga spaces
  • Suggested language for shifting power to the practitioner
  • How to create an environment conductive to healing
  • How to practice or teach poses in a way that includes all
  • And much more

This book is beautifully illustrated with 260 photos of poses and sequences, modeled by trauma survivors who share stories of how yoga helps them heal. Lara Land works with people of all ages, from young children to seniors, who are coping with a range of traumas including physical, emotional and sexual abuse, homelessness, genocide, and incarceration. She is a passionate advocate for making the benefits of yoga and mindfulness available to all.




Lara Land is a Level 2 Authorized Ashtanga Yoga teacher with 20 years yoga experience. She runs retreats, trainings, and workshops all over the world teaching yoga and mindful living and developing specialized programs to heal and empower. Lara also serves as a public speaker, spiritual coach, and writer with recent contributions to the Huffington Post, Mantra Magazine, and New York Yoga + Life Magazine.


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The Essential Guide for Trauma Sensitive Yoga is a comprehensive resource for teachers to understand the complex nuances of trauma and the subtle and overt ways it can present itself in our students. As teachers, we have a responsibility to serve the whole person and that includes sensitizing ourselves to the various ways that trauma lives uniquely in each body, how it influences the mind and perceptions and can affect one’s health and emotional wellness. Lara Land deftly provides the necessary guidance, insights, and best practices so that facilitators can support their students on their journey toward healing with more mindfulness, awareness, and skill. This excellent resource should be required reading in any teacher training course.
Seane Corn

Yoga Teacher, Author: Revolution of the Soul

Lara Land has created a truly valuable resource for every yoga teacher and yoga student looking to delve into the practice from a trauma-informed perspective. This inclusive view of what the yoga practice can be features sequences and teacher profiles that bring the message of accessibility home in a relatable way.
Kino MacGregor

Founder of Omstars, author of multiple books

Lara Land has created a one of a kind “how-to” resource as it relates to the field of trauma-informed yoga. This book equips aspiring trauma-informed yoga teachers with incredible tools to feel confident in their teaching and their ability to hold a safe container for those who have experienced trauma. The most comprehensive guide on sequences, case studies, nervous system tools, inquiries, and most importantly how we show up with care, compassion, and nuance. I am in awe of this book and grateful for the skillful and centered guidance it provides to all healing professionals passionate about integrating this modality and lens into the scope of their work.

Zahabiyah Yamasaki

M.Ed., RYT Author of Trauma-Informed Yoga for Survivors of Sexual Assault: Practices for Healing and Teaching with Compassion

The Essential Guide to Trauma Sensitive Yoga is just that, essential. Every yoga teacher needs to read this book and keep it as a resource. Trauma Sensitive Yoga is no longer just a specialty area. It is now standard practice to remember that we all have trauma, and these tools are essential for including everyone. In this book, Lara Land offers a definitive guidebook for doing just that, making yoga welcoming for all.

Jivana Heyman

Director of Accessible Yoga Association & School, Author of Accessible Yoga & Yoga Revolution

The Essential Guide to Trauma Sensitive Yoga: How to Create Safer Spaces for All is an essential work for helping us to create equitable yoga and movement spaces. Now more than ever, we must be conscious of protecting and preserving our mental well-being. Yoga is an integral part of that process. Accessing yoga in a way that is healing to our minds and body is a gift. This work created by Lara is insightful, empathetic and healing. The Essential Guide to Trauma Sensitive Yoga: How to Create Safer Spaces for All teaches teachers and practitioners to find their way to peace of mind on their mat.
Dianne Bondy

Social Justice Activist, Author, Accessible Yoga Teacher, and the leader of the Yoga For All movement.