Happy Holidays everyone! With Thanksgiving and Holiday time coming up I wanted to share three of my favorite personal tips to keep from overeating.  I hope they help you to stay balanced and gorgeous during this hectic time of year.

1. Eat Breakfast. Many of you get in the mindset that you’ll counter the damage of your afternoon feast by saving on the AM calories. This actually backfires. You’ll end up eating so much more if you starve yourself during the day, so, even if it seems counterintuitive, eat a sensible breakfast though you know you’ll be eating a lot later.

2. Crunchy Healthy Snacks. If your family is like mine, there is a whole period of hanging out munching before the main meal even happens. I keep tons of crispy vegetables out so that if I’m tempted to snack, it’s on something healthy. My favorite are organic baby carrots which really take some time to bite into and have a fully satisfying crunch factor. When it’s time to dip, I do it in my super simple Yellow Pepper Guacamole. 

3. Sleep. Do Yoga. Meditate. We all have the tendency to eat to fill a void emotionally. This kind of eating is certainly exasperated around holiday time which can be stressful and pull us into old habits. (What can make you feel more like a child than being back in your parent’s house, right?) Prepare for these natural inclinations by getting enough sleep, practicing yoga (or some endorphin producing physical activity), and doing a bit of quiet reflection and centering before your meal. You’ll thank me for it later!

What are your best tricks to staying balanced during holiday season? Tweet them out to me at @landlaraland