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Want something badly and can’t wait to see it materialize, use these three practices which go all the way back to the Yoga Sutras circa 400 CE.

  1. Energize your desire. I know you think you could not want this thing more. Maybe you think about it day and night, anguishing over how to make it happen, boring your friends with constant obsession. The truth is this kind of wanting will fluctuate in time until you may even doubt you want it at all. That is unless you figure out WHY you want what you want.The greater and more world benefiting the WHY, the more likely you are to realize your desire. Each time you think of giving up, you’ll remember your purpose, the people who will benefit from your success, and you won’t be able to do anything but keep going.

    Warning: Do not try to trick the Universe! The Universe knows everything. A WHY can be selfish even if the project is a charitable one. If you’re not really tapped into the feelings of suffering your offering alleviates, stop everything and go listen with an open heart to those who will benefit from the manifestation of your desire. Maybe the one who will benefit is you. WHY is this the way to heal your wound for eternity?

  2. Determine correct action. This comes from study. Knowing what actions to take is not a simple task. It is much like physics. First, you must understand yourself, your field, your audience, and your resources before you know which and precisely how many actions to take. Without making the time to study, you risk a myriad of misguided efforts that could result in your not achieving your desire and even in your moving further away from it. Take time to get to know yourself and the people and situations around you. Study yourself and others like there’s going to be a test. Keep notes on the results of different actions. Look for all the things you could have missed. Most of all, do not be afraid to slow down and do the prep work. When you pause to study and test you not only save yourself from future backpedaling but when you do decide to act, your actions have maximum impact. They are designed that way.
  3. Have a little faith. The opposite of doubt which often acts as a riptide pulling us under, faith is the buoy which holds us up. When we walk in it we stand taller, breathe deeper, and smile more freely. In short, we relax. In this relaxed state, we both attract more opportunities to us and are more able to see the possibilities that were always in view. Faith is the mother who brushes us off when we haven’t succeeded and reminds us manifestation occurs in Divine time, and that often when we don’t get what we want it’s because something better is on its way. Trust in her and keep her with you in every manifestation journey.

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