Are you overscheduled and under rewarded? Do you feel like you are always doing and at the same time nothing is getting done? Do you fantasize about completing dream projects but see them always falling to the bottom of your list?

You are not alone!

The business epidemic and culture of busyness that has infected the United States is a trauma response. It involves a certain learned hypervigilance that is not natural to human rhythms and it is harmful to our health. We are overscheduled, but why do we do it?

We overschedule ourselves for a number of reasons including not believing in ourselves, not wanting to face ourselves, fear of limited resources and lack of self love. We think we deserve punishment or that our personal value is caught up in our ability to be or even seem productive.

It isn’t! 

Trauma responses always involve a hijacking of our nervous system that doesn’t allow us to see options and to view our life with creativity. When you notice this happening, aka when you are really busy, the best thing you can do is slow down.