Have Coach Will Travel

Have Coach Will Travel

Sometimes a little nugget of knowledge appears and changes EVERYTHING.

That happened to me a couple of years ago when my now husband proposed to me.

I wrote about it here….

Did you catch it?

I said the engagement proved you don’t have to believe.

Many coaches teach the opposite, that in order to make something happen you have to see it clearly in all its details, but here it was, something I could never fully visualize happening… to me.

I shared the nugget of knowledge, and then let it rest within me. Dormant.

Cut to a year later and I’m prepping for our wedding, starting exercise just six weeks after having a little baby girl.

I had already bought my wedding dress and I had A LOT of weight to lose to get into it.

I invested in a private trainer and committed to working out 3x weekly till the big day.

TWO weeks in I felt hopeless. I’d come in from those workouts with a face so red it would elicit laughter from my husband but NOTHING was happening on the scale.

I felt pretty down and unsure I’d ever get into that dress. I didn’t really believe in myself, but I didn’t need to.

I had someone who believed in me.

My coach, Chris Barker. My coach never wavered in her belief of me. The way she expressed it was so matter of fact it could not be questioned. And that was enough.

It was what I needed to keep me going. I didn’t believe in me, but I could trust in her.

And she was right… four months later I was in that dress.

This time the nugget stuck. You don’t have to believe. Sometimes it’s impossible to do so. Too challenging. Too draining. Too much pressure even. Those times when you can’t believe it is saving grace to have someone else who does.

And not just anyone else…

When you have a professional:

*someone who has seen enough to know for sure that others like you have come through the other side
*someone who has experienced enough to help you find the way
*someone who cares and doesn’t waver

When you have that person, you can do anything.

hat’s the person I intend to be for any of you trusting me enough to join me in Mykonos this June.

This is not just a yoga retreat.

In fact, you don’t need to do any yoga to get a world of benefit out of it.

This retreat offers a unique program for each individual, which combines yoga, meditation, & personal coaching in a gorgeous, luxury, peace promoting environment where you can rest, rejuvenate, think and create.

Your next great step is coming. You may not see it, feel it, or believe it,

You don’t have to.

I do.

To learn more about the magical retreat I have planned click HEREHERE.

Then message me with ANY questions.

I am here for you.