In the latest episode of the Beyond Trauma Podcast I interviewed Seane Corn, internationally-acclaimed yoga teacher, Seane Corn, author, and public speaker who has been at the forefront of yoga, activism, and community service for 28 years. Through the course of our conversation, Seane detailed the various kinds of trauma folks experience and the ways those traumas live in our bodies as tension and stress we may not even be aware of.

This muscular tension shows up as patterns in how we react. (Our bodies often react before our cognitive awareness catches up to stimulus.) Our reactions become who we are in the world in our presence and our relationships, an identity most of us become attached to and even addicted to. (Listen to Nikki Myers episode of the Beyond Trauma Podcast for further insight on this.)

Seane goes on to explain yoga’s unique ability to shake up and release the stress in our bodies and what we might face emotionally as we experience that release. She looks back on her own thirty plus years of practice and shares most intimately how yoga helped release her from the grips of childhood trauma AND how it is still teaching her about her inner work today.

The stories she shares are not for her benefit but for ours, especially for the hundreds of thousands of yoga teachers and practitioners out there.

Here are some of her most important messages to yoga teachers:

  1. Make sure you have trauma sensitive or trauma informed yoga teacher training.
  2. Do your own inner work uncovering your traumas and patterning.
  3. Intuition comes from long time study, practice and honing of skills. 
  4. Don’t be afraid to shift the way you teach as you evolve.
  5. A practitioner’s depth of yoga practice can not be determined by their flexibility. Look for more subtle clues.
  6. The world needs us. It’s time to get more humble, honest, and generous than ever before with our yoga teaching.

I could not be more in agreement with Seane Corn’s message which resonates with all the teaching we’ve been bringing forward through Land Yoga, Three and a Half Acres Yoga, and SOULFest through the years.

If you are a yoga teacher, you can get your trauma informed yoga teacher training with me in Louisville, Kentucky this October or online through Three and a Half Acres Yoga (dates soon to be announced). You can join our newsletters for more updates and tons of free resources to support your growth as a yoga teacher or trauma informed yoga teacher which are one in the same. 

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