Most likely you’ve heard of power hour, right?

You take an hour or so to clean up and get the house or apartment you live in in a better state. You might even use the power hour concept to plow through a project, make a stab at your garden or get any good idea off the ground.

The point is you use a shortish, but clearly determined, focused set of time to put your full energy into an intended project.  It’s that push we need to make something happen that may have been dragging. This kind of directed effort can yield quick and powerful results and is sometime in the business world called a sprint.

Can you think of something you’ve been wanting to accomplish but never seem to check off your checklist?

It’s likely and not unusual that at least a few things come to mind. There are often in life certain items that just don’t seem to make it to the top of the to do list on any day and drag and drag themselves to the bottom of the next day’s to do list again and again. They can sit there weighing on us and making us feel unaccomplished and annoyed. Those are the ones that need their own dedicated power hour once a week…

This accountability trick is a game changer and has worked for myself and many of my coaching clients:

Create a power hour for the things you just don’t seem to do and have it as a clear and running date in your schedule as you would any important meeting.

Aside from loose ends, I like to use this time or create one more power hour in my week for items specifically related to my values.

My husband has something he always says, which is that one’s opinions are the least interesting thing about them and I couldn’t agree more. Everyone has opinions and these days no one is shy to share them. Fewer, however, are doing something about them. It’s deeply important to me to be in alignment, doing the things that are indicative of my having the opinions I do.

I call this hour my value hour and I encourage you to give it a try.

It’s during this dedicated time that I put my money where my mouth is in regards to my beliefs and opinions. I volunteer to call voters. I write a penpal incarcerated for life in prison. I sign petitions. Write letters to and call my representatives. Educate myself on topics and make donations.

Because I don’t just want to be posting and because it’s not easy to make time for these type of items, having a value hour gives them a specific time and space. When my thoughts come up on topics I feel passionately about, I know I have a dedicated time to act on that passion. And now you can too!

Staying in alignment is not something that is easy. It takes regular self evaluation to stay on track and some yearly reboots to keep it going. That’s why I’ve put a Women’s Realignment Retreat for this fall, October 7th-9th. This 3-day intensive is designed to realign female identifying folks in purpose and values. It includes yoga, meditation, mindful outdoor nature experiences, journaling, and coaching. See more details on my site.

Please let me know how you incorporate and use your value hour in your comments below!